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More New Uniforms and Awards-Jan 5,2018

 We are happy to announce WW1 German Naval Tunic,WW1 German Naval Officer Frock Coat,WW2 German Marine Küstenpolizei Officer Tunic,Kriegsmarine Senior Petty Officer Tunic,Kriegsmarine Coast Artillery Officer Tunic,House Order of Hohenzollern with/without Swords Collar,Breast Star of Order of the Bavarian Merit Cross with/without Swords,House Order of Hohenzollern with/without Swords Commander Class,Bavarian Order of Military Merit 2nd Class,Order of the Zähringer Lion Commander Cross 2nd Class,WWI German Naval Wound Badge,Legion Condor Wound Badge,Inhaber-Eagle Order of Hohenzollern,German British Union Lapel Pin,and German Social Welfare Decoration - 2nd Class are now available.

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